About Us

Sumalacca Integrated Industrial and Port Estate (SIIPE) is owned by Internusa and Asia Capital as an investment company located in Singapore.

Internusa is a company located in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia which has been engaged in property since 2004 until now.

And, Asia Capital Pte.Ltd (Sinagpore) is a private-equity rm investing company across Southeast Asia that has focused to explore Indonesia economic growth and opportunities.

Sumalacca Integrated Industrial and Port Estate were conceptualized under an economic cooperation agreement between the governments of Indonesia in 2020.

As an on of industrial cluster in Indonesia, Sumallaca Integrated Industrial and Port Estate are one of the largest industrial clusters with an area of 5,600 Ha.

Having the advantage of being an industrial area cluster with a very strategic and integrated location to build an industrial estate business, Sumalacca Integrated Industrial and Port Estate provide the infrastructure that is able to create a synergistic economic cycle.

The cluster is built on a solid foundation with key supporting infrastructure and also provides the best services such as the provision of power plant, clean water, wastewater treatment, area management, and other services such as 24-hour security, internet fiber optics, natural gas, and many more.

Its value proposition is providing a total business solution based on cost-competitiveness and global connectivity that delivers sustainable success to businesses.

To cater to a variety of manufacturing operations.
The first point for making industrial estates successful is location.

Like real estate, location plays an important role in making any industrial estate successful.

It must have access to many alternative transportation modes such as highways, transportation stations or even ports.

The higher the number of alternative transportation modes, the higher the opportunity for the industrial area.

Sumalacca Port is very strategic because it is located at the international lane and geographically located in the position of:

03-43’-00” LU North Latitude

98-42’-08” BT East Longitude

Sumalacca Port is located at lowland between Belawan river and Deli river.

Shipping channel connecting the port to territorial waters in Mallaca straits.

With the depth of basin area of -8 to -10 meters lws and shipping channel that measure 13 miles in length presents a significant geographical advantage to shipping lines.

As a result, Sumalacca Port strategic location at world’s international shipping lanes guarantees opportunities of heavy traffic.